Omg $3.50 margaritas1.50 tacos ...
Omg $3.50 margaritas1.50 tacos made fresh tortillas I love this and the restaurant is the great and taste amazing ... read more
Jamie L. via - Sep 19, 2018
Great Mexican restaurant food is amazing ... read more
Oscar Aguire via - Sep 18, 2018
We love Juanchos. The food is dependably ...
We love Juanchos. The food is dependably good, they have kids options and the service is really good. We once had a server offer to take my husband's food to the kitchen and cut it for him because he had a broken wrist. Friendly people and great, reasonably priced food.
Katie L. via - Sep 17, 2018
Great margaritas!
MariaElena Ramirez via - Sep 16, 2018
First time here.   Very nice inviting ...
First time here.   Very nice inviting establishment. Clean. We were greeted very quickly and seated. The host was very nice.  Since we just came for a drink and chips and guacamole we were settled in @the bar area.  Guacamole was made fresh for us ! Guacamole was delish! Chips are fresh and not to greasy.  Although salsa could have b ... read more
Monika G. via - Sep 15, 2018
Authentic can be interpreted in ...
Authentic can be interpreted in many ways; I'd call this place authentic. We chose to order from the menu vs. going to the buffet, and we really enjoyed the fresh guacamole and the chimichanga. Juanchos offers good value for the food.
Carol K. via - Sep 15, 2018
We arrived on Labor Day late afternoon ...
We arrived on Labor Day late afternoon. We stood there and waitresses were walking near us and they did not make eye contact. We almost walked out when a hostess said it will be about 10-15 because they don't have enough servers! We went to the bar and again no eye contact from anyone for a while. Finally a guy asked what we wanted, ... read more
Monica L. via - Sep 10, 2018
So good. So sad I got full so fast ...
So good. So sad I got full so fast. But everything was authentic and delicious. Brunch includes a drink or 2 mimosas. Worth every penny for brunch ... read more
Stacy C. via - Sep 10, 2018
Great food....reasonable prices....but has flies inside. We've been there twice so it must be a problem,.
Debbie Gutierrez via - Sep 9, 2018
They have great coffee and chips and salsa. I always get the green wet burrito. Definitely a must for anyone who lives near by or is in close proximity.
Jose Luis Chichipa Perez via - Sep 8, 2018
All I gotta say Steak (carne asada) ...
All I gotta say Steak (carne asada) and eggs, AMAZING!! The serves was great also.. My mom and I went for lunch on a weekday and it was busy everyone was very welcoming, the waitress was great and chatted with my mom for a while...
Betsaira R. via - Sep 7, 2018
One of the Best Tasting Authentic Mexican restaurants I've been to. Exceptional Recipes.
Shaun Powers via - Sep 5, 2018
Food is great, but they need to clean the menus!
Michelle Carrillo via - Sep 3, 2018
Had the Michelada's with Bohemia ...
Had the Michelada's with Bohemia. Sooooo good and packed full of flavor! Ordered the Chilaquiles which were cooked to perfection. The chips remained crispy and were evenly coated in their red sauce. Anyone that knows Mexican food, knows you can tell a great Mexican food spot by something as simple as the way their beans and rice tast ... read more
Vanessa M. via - Sep 3, 2018
Excellent food. That's why there is a wait!!!
Maureen Gedeon via - Aug 30, 2018
Great food. Asada fries are great and the diabla burrito too. It has a little problem with flies but food is good ... read more
Joanna Mendoza via - Aug 30, 2018
Had the molcajete and it was perfect ...
Had the molcajete and it was perfect. The portions are very generous. There is more than enough of everything you could possibly want for your tacos. You get freshly made tortillas with your meal. All around an amazing treat. Can't wait to go back.
Ofelia M. via - Aug 25, 2018
So I'm new to the area and I'm ...
So I'm new to the area and I'm always looking for a local spot for taco Tuesday. Stopped in tonight and enjoyed the 3.50 agave margaritas (til 7PM) and the 1.50 tacos (t 10PM). I recommend the chips and salsa for sure and the car it's tacos. Great service and great food! I will definitely be back! Especially since it's walking distan ... read more
adrianna p. via - Aug 21, 2018
Super nice people work there and the food is good at reasonable prices. Love their guacamole!!!
Laura Bonilla via - Aug 20, 2018
Sunday breakfast
We went to Juancho's for breakfast on Sunday morning for our second visit to this Montclair restaurant. Our initial visit a few months ago, for the dinner buffet, went well. However, today's visit convinced us not return again and here is why: I ordered a...More ... read more
Fil B via - Aug 19, 2018
Can only report on the Pozole.
Can only report on the Pozole.  It was very good.
Jeff W. via - Aug 17, 2018
Super nice authentic mexican food , Nice place ,clean and well ventilated,our food came out super quick and it was delicious,great service, I don't know the name of our server but he was amazing. Theres plenty of parking available .givebnbit a try the mole was amazing.
Benjamin ZB. via - Aug 17, 2018
Within the area of Upland, Claremont ...
Within the area of Upland, Claremont, and Montclair there are numerous Mexican restaurants all seemingly within a block of each other. At least that is what it feels like to me when I've tried quite a few of them in the area. I'd have to say, after my visit to the lunch buffet today solidified Juanchos are among my top favored Mexica ... read more
Michael C. via - Aug 14, 2018
I had lunch here the other day ...
I had lunch here the other day with my family and the food and service were great. It's a buffet style restaurant, but everything tasted freshly cooked! The tacos are put together in front of you with the tortillas made fresh from dough right there! The margarita my boyfriend had was good and strong and my mango margarita was so deli ... read more
Camille B. via - Aug 12, 2018
Clean, affordable prices, taco Tuesday awesome...
Jesse Rivera via - Aug 8, 2018
Small Mexican restaurant..staff very friendly. I had been recommended to the restaurant and food was just okay. Clearly it is visited by locals as many people who cc'd Mae in seemed to know the staff. I think the location has been there a while as many historical items on the wall. Place to definitely go, would have given at least 4 ... read more
Tara Wilson via - Aug 6, 2018
Good food. Nice people. Little out if way but you will enjoy it once you get there.
Robert Tovar via - Aug 6, 2018
Great place! My husband and I have ...
Great place! My husband and I have been coming here since they opened. Gino is amazing. Whether he's busy or not he takes the time to say hello to us, and that makes us feel like they appreciate our patronage.
Elizabeth B. via - Aug 6, 2018
My friends and I came here on Sunday ...
My friends and I came here on Sunday. Their brunch has delicious mouth drooling food! Especially the hand made tortillas, yummm. All of their other food was really good as well. Our server Geeno was very attentive and friendly. I will be back for brunch for sure!
Melody L. via - Aug 5, 2018
It was very good The best quacamole i tasted in a long time They also had 3 salsas that were delicious.
Linda Acevedo via - Aug 3, 2018
Great humongous tostada salad and ...
Great humongous tostada salad and wraps.We went here for a lunch for the first visit.  The place was packed by 12:05.  They have a nice buffet for around $10 that looked good but we ordered.  My tostada salad was great, lots of chicken, veggies, etc., and the wraps were huge and good also.  (there were 2 of us eating...)  I had enoug ... read more
Arete A. via - Jul 30, 2018
Delicious carne asada! Had the ...
Delicious carne asada! Had the breakfast Juanchos omelet. They have buffet options during the week. Willhave to come back for that!
Mary Bette F. via - Jul 30, 2018
Well, let me start out by saying ...
Well, let me start out by saying, I moved back to Upland from LA area, and went to JUANCHOS to eat one afternoon....I have to say it a 5 star, the FOOD is GREAT.. I have to watch certain foods, but love there Taco's and much more... I truly enjoy going there to eat, it is TOPS., I cannot say enough about this great place to dine in o ... read more
Michelle D. via - Jul 30, 2018
Buffett is recommended is delicious ...
Buffett is recommended is delicious, birria, tacos with home made tortillas,chille relleno, cilantro fish etc etc plus deserts..... 2 champagnes or 2 mimosas included.. it's must restaurant to visit.
Pat G. via - Jul 29, 2018
Neat place to eat!!! Great price ... read more
Dave Brown via - Jul 25, 2018
Excellent food, great service, and the winery is right there.
Irma Sosa via - Jul 25, 2018
Loved everything about this place ...
Loved everything about this place from the atmosphere to the food. We came on taco Tuesday so it was packed when we got here and even more packed when we were sat only a few minutes after arriving. We were waited on by friendly staff who were quick to take our order and the self serve taco bar is genius! 7 different types of meats to ... read more
Amarissa B. via - Jul 24, 2018
Not bad food. Really small inside to eat ... read more
James Jones via - Jul 21, 2018
We checked out this place on the ...
We checked out this place on the recommendation of a good friend and we were not disappointed!  Everyone but me had the lunch buffet where they had so many choices that you HAD to go back at least twice!  There was a person there making tortillas from scratch in order to fill a street taco. My friend gave a glowing report on their fl ... read more
David S. via - Jul 19, 2018
It's ok for Mexican food. Small restaurant good flavor.
Bryant Jimenez via - Jul 19, 2018
The food was just the way i cook with flavor i had the chillie rayeno and the cheese enchilada rice
The food was just the way i cook with flavor i had the chillie rayeno and the cheese enchilada rice and beans my husband sheard the molcahete. I have a taste yum � � � ... read more
Bertha Rath via - Jul 17, 2018
Juancho's is off the beaten path and has very good food and service. It shares property with the San Antonio Winery on Milliken in the south part of Ontario. Nice selection of appetizers and main dishes.
Holly Kurtz via - Jul 16, 2018
Excellent service. Very delicious food!
Excellent service. Very delicious food!
John Paul via - Jul 16, 2018
I was greeted right away and everyone was very friendly. The atmosphere is very nice and there was alot of people but it still felt comfortable. The food was fresh, tasty and reasonably priced. I gave it four stars because as I is expected in the area being all the cow farms, it was rather annoying that there was flies that needed to ... read more
Shannon Garza via - Jul 15, 2018
Grest food with an really good atmosphere. Dining room is small so expect a wait on the busier days. Guacamole is made infront of you at the table! Overall a hidden gem type of place thats worth trying.
Devynn Payne via - Jul 13, 2018
Food is realy good ... read more
Maria Luna via - Jul 11, 2018
Small local Mexican restaurant. Great burrito.
Eric Bush via - Jul 6, 2018
La mejor comida ... read more
Mario Aguilar via - Jul 2, 2018
My boyfriend and I came to eat ...
My boyfriend and I came to eat their weekend brunch. It is a buffet style and it's $18 per adult. The selection they have is incredible, so much flavor and options! I tried almost everything and you really get your money's worth. All the dishes were delicious & the staff was super nice. I would definitely recommend the buffet brunch!
Karen L. via - Jul 1, 2018
I've been coming to Juanchos for close to 20 years. It's better than the first time I ate here. The staff are amazing, always accommodating and friendly. It's a go to for Mexican.
Brad Orton via - Jun 30, 2018
Bomb!! Great weekday buffet. Good ...
Bomb!! Great weekday buffet. Good customer service by Geeno. Homemade tortillas. Sopa soup and cocido was so  good. Can not wait to try the Menudo and PozoleSunday brunch available.
Priscilla G. via - Jun 30, 2018
Muy buen lugar para el desayuno...
Juan Pimentel via - Jun 28, 2018
Muy buen lugar para el desayuno...
Juan Pimentel via - Jun 27, 2018
Great ! I had a chicken wrap, my husband had steak picado ,my daughter had cheese enchiladas. Awesome! Why haven't we ate here before?? I will go after assemblies in Mira loma.
Noramae Gomez via - Jun 27, 2018
Good Food ... read more
David L via - Jun 24, 2018
Great place and great service. Food is outstanding. I always make sure I stop here when travels take me to CA.
Thomas Wideman via - Jun 24, 2018
I came here with my mom who is ...
I came here with my mom who is a very picky eater. We ordered the Molcajete and loved it! I highly recommend it! It has steak, chicken, chorizo, carnitas, cheese, nopales, and grilled onions. It also comes with two sides of rice and beans as well as homeade tortillas. The only place I've had a Molcajete like this was in Guadalajara a ... read more
Lizeth G. via - Jun 23, 2018
No MANCHES!!! Best Mexican food ...
No MANCHES!!! Best Mexican food I've had in a loooooooong time!!!Geeno was so great. We wanted to share, Geeno suggested the carnitas plate. I'm so glad we got that...also, fresh guacamole and a Jamaica margarita (I'm STILL buzzing!!)*don't drink and drive*Very nice atmosphere. They had the soccer game on and mariachi music. Nice sho ... read more
Zoe K. via - Jun 23, 2018
What are the Bean's made from heaven? ...
What are the Bean's made from heaven?... everything was so delicious . Just had dinner there ... read more
Victoria S. via - Jun 23, 2018
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